More than 10 years experience in the finance industry

CLC is a company headquartered in Hong Kong, established in 1996, and currently has 8 branches in Korea, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States to maintain service continuity with customers and establish a good track record.

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Sustainable Investing

We focus on your needs and goals regarding expected returns, risks, and other considerations.

Delivering the Best Outcomes

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Our advantage

Our team of advisors work closely with our research and investment experts. Together we provide you with advice strategies that are based on a wealth of knowledge and capability. Our due diligence is thorough. We are methodical in the scrutiny we apply to our recommendations and strategies.

Proven internal expertise

Our team of advisors work closely with our research and investment experts.

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Professional and personal methods

Our advisors are supportedto market-leading research, investment services

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Strategies and models

Our advisors can assist you with strategic advice and financial modelling

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Broad investment range

Approved and ensure they remain relevant for your needs

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Earn Money with CLC Since 2022

We are an investment company, whose team is working on making money from the volatility of cryptocurrencies and offer great returns to our clients.

What They Says

Feedback Our Investors

What We Offer

When selecting the right advisor to manage your wealth it is best to look for one with significant experience in providing strategic wealth management services, one that has clear autonomy to construct the right plan and one with strong expertise in portfolio and risk management, as well as having the right licenses to provide you with access to a broad range of products and services.

Portfolios that Protect Through the Economic Cycle

We create and deliver solutions that help manage risk and grow wealth to achieve your mission and objectives. We have an institutional background but adopt a flexible, consultative approach, and we aim to be your trusted partner through your investment journey.

We build and manage portfolios that will protect through the economic and investment cycle with a robust investment process, a deeply experienced and qualified team with a focus on achieving investment objectives. Our transparent, collaborative and repeatable service sets us apart and helps us improve your investment experience for the better.






Financial Advice & Planning

The Process of Realising Your Life Goals.

Private Wealth Management

Your Assets Are in Good Hands

Portfolio Management

Portfolios that Protect Through the Economic Cycle

Digital currency

Decentralized digital currency that enables instant payments anyone in the global control the creation of additional.

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